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Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Flash Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Girls Night Out

The Flash Season 4 Episode 5

What's up my fellow 8 pluses it is I your host as always OnlineWatchIt we're back with a brand new review for the flash.

What a fun episode this was quite frankly well it certainly wasn't filled with action or incredible villains or anything like that this was hilarious to me I loved everything about this particular episode from the bachelorette parties to the bachelor party that certainly went a completely different direction and I think the guys certainly expected it to same needless to say has to go for the girls as well but I love that this was just a fun-loving episode really celebrating you know iris West and Barry Allen regardless of how really the nights wind up going but I love the idea that we're taking these steps towards Barry and irises wedding here hopefully within a couple of weeks this was just a really fun episode.

I really love the idea that in the beginning this episode we get to see Felicity stopping by it's been quite some time since we've seen her on the flash season and that's the one thing that I love about this arrow verse the idea that we have all these shows just kind of all fitting into continuity connecting towards each other just having these characters kind of pop in and out of each other seasons and series whenever they want to.

I just really love that aspect because a lot of these characters are friends they are extremely familiar with each other at this particular point in time so the silh see Felicity just kind of walked on into STAR Labs getting ready for the bachelorette party for iris I thought was just a really nice touch to them having a fantastic girls evening out or at least a fantastic evening that they have planned things definitely did not go according to schedule needless to say for the ladies as well but I'm a really fun event and really fun evening for them.

I know if we look on the guy side it looks as though they wind up having their night planned a little bit more relaxation needless to say it looks as though Cisco winds up putting together like this is your life sort of segment for Barry Allen putting together pieces of leather a lot of his home videos just really celebrating his life and where he's kind of come to and of course you don't need a Morgan Freeman to kind of voice over this kind of biography when you have some like Cisco doing all the magnificent work so I got to admit though while I certainly enjoy the idea of doing something grandiose for somebody's bachelor party.

I also don't mind the idea of what Cisco wanted to do maybe sipping on some some wine some whiskey some Chardonnay whatever he's sipping on and then also having some fantastic steaks I mean very gentleman evenings like I have to admit so I really like the direction he was going but you have somebody like Ralph Divini who winds have kind of just inviting himself along you know coming to I mean Joe's house to kind of celebrate this with Barry kind of really ruining Cisco's plans and instead taking very as well as the rest of the fellas out to the strip club which was really fantastic to me quite frankly because they just seemed so incredibly awkward to be in that kind of situation it's like they've never been to a strip club before didn't even know how to act or respond to certain things so.

I really enjoyed just seeing some of these oddball characters put inside of the strip club I thought was a really fantastic touch the one thing that I am worried about though when it comes to the character of somebody like Ralph didney and you can definitely tell he certainly liked the annoyance factor for the team but then he almost gets too annoying for me like I don't mind somebody that's some you know sometimes screw things up or sometimes says the wrong things or some time to come becomes annoying but it seems as though like that's all Ralph Divini does like that's all that he knows that he's capable of doing and I'm really kind of wanting to see a different side of Ralph did me not somebody who always has some sort of witty comeback some sort of stupid idea war is incredibly annoying you know we have a lot of comedic factors already on this particular show I'm not used to this version of Ralph didney he definitely feels a little bit different from the comic book versions growing up that.

I was certainly used to so definitely a change of personality in here and I'm hoping that we eventually get to see another side of him but some going back to the strip club again the idea that CW wins us allows us to go into a strip club and make it as pg-13 as possible kudos to CW for even managing to pull that off and Cisco's concoction and he winds up coming up with this week to have Barry kind of get a little bit tipsy to really enjoy his whole entire mean best stuff all night that concoction and Cisco put together all episode long had me rolling on the floor laughing at Barry just some of the the things that he was saying he's like I'm the flash like things like that talking about oh when he was talking to Joe asking him why Rose didn't move over on the headboard to have Jack come on board there was plenty of room for him right he couldn't certainly couldn't have died that's always been my perspective about Titanic for the longest time so to see Barry just kind of bring that out and talk about rose and Jack from Titanic.

I thought was priceless on his a wonderful line when he goes well like the Hat like that and Cisco asks him what he just did he's just like I just went to go get peanuts and Joe is like no you didn't he's like how do you know I mean just little things like that I mean just perfect comedic timing perfect humor when it comes to the flash this weekend and I thought Barry Allen was absolutely sensational this week quite frankly but it certainly wasn't all about the bachelorette parties as much fun as the guys is the ladies were certainly having obviously there comes a time when a villain does have to pop up and really one of the characters that really gets focused on this week's episode is in fact killer frost as Caitlyn winds up getting kind of invited along for the bachelorette party she winds up coming in contact with a very familiar face that we've seen before very briefly as killer frost really has a pass about her that we don't know but this is really our first time in this week's episode where we finally get introduced to really what Caitlyn has kind of been up to this past six months since the finale leading up until this very particular point when we wind up returning and meeting her once again and we do come to find out from Caitlyn or I should say killer frost herself on that six months ago after she wind up departing the team she continued to try and look for a cure for herself and in doing so she ran across another metahuman by the name of Amunet if I'm pronouncing that correctly I kept thinking they were saying and you let the whole entire time but I'm pretty sure it's Amunet who winds up being played by Katee Sackhoff one of my favorite actresses I've absolutely loved her when it came to Battlestar Galactica as Starbuck.

I think she's just extremely Gor quite frankly and a really fantastic actress and if you also want to see something that she does a little bit on the side she also did like a a small little fan film for Power Rangers maybe about by me about two years ago or so it was a very dark version of Power Rangers you might have certainly recalled seeing it but I believe if I'm not mistaken she played Kimberly in that particular version of the Power Rangers of fan film that they wound up beginning I guess you can't say I only call it a fan film because an actual director did make it but it was really like his little pet project needless to say but definitely try and find it if you can the Power Ranger film with Katee Sackhoff in it but really glad to see that she was in this episode this week.

I knew she was gonna be a part of the season somehow but to see her playing a significant role with killer frost it just certainly made my day but you come to find out that this Amunet character claiming to have had a cure for killer frost or you know giving Caitlyn an opportunity to really still kind of be in control of her abilities at all times but needless to say that that that idea that she certainly had didn't necessarily work but there was a price for killer frost and trying to use that particular cure that Amunet wind up having for her she in fact had to kind of do her evil bidding sort of thing and so there definitely was a some really intense feelings between these two characters a lot of resentment it seems like from Amunet for killer frost leaving as killer frost really didn't want to continue to do her henchman work for her needless to say but to see these two kind of go back and forth in this week's episode was really fun to me seeing that Amunet character kind of have like um either a magnet ability like magnetism ability or she just had some sort of power within that though those metal shards of hers allowing her to wind up creating some sort of like metal glove like an iron fist needless to say I thought that was really really epic it almost reminded me of the comic book character from the 90s called Witchblade where was just a metallic looking arm on her I believe it was from image comics if I'm not mistaken but that's exactly what it reminded me of in here and the one thing though that I did really kind of learn about Kaelyn in this week's episode that.

I certainly didn't realize whenever she does change over to killer frost they're kind of like two separate entities kind of all living in the same body I was kind of always under the impression that you know regardless if she changed into Caitlyn or if she changed into killer frost that they would certainly share the same memories understand what each other is certainly doing but it doesn't necessarily seem like the case Caitlyn did mention the idea that you know when she's kind of sleeping or dormant she doesn't really know or can't remember everything that killer frost is currently doing so there definitely is two kind of entities two personalities kind of all sharing the same body trying to kind of overcome one you know overcome the other for kind of full control sort of thing it looks like Caitlyn for right now at least has that control of being able to kind of switch in and out of that particular personality but it's gonna be interesting to see how things go along for her as she continues to stay on board with STAR Labs I do like the idea that they wind up kind of growing hers as well as irises sort of relationship because iris doesn't really have any really female friends on this particular show that I can think of she doesn't really have any siblings whatsoever and so I do think that this well I can't say any siblings but female siblings for her to really kind of get you know had those girls night outs with or had that female as she can certainly rely on I mean her and Caitlyn necessarily haven't been the best of friends for as long as we've known them but this is really them taking that step in the right direction for that to happen so I'm really gonna be interested and happy to see what their relationship or friendship.

I should say is gonna be like going forward especially now that Caitlyn is gonna be her maid of honor for the wedding so a really fantastic touch and a great character development further for Caitlin snow this week another character that wind up getting just a little bit focused on this week but I still thought it was important to bring up is in fact Joe whereas we knew a couple of weeks back that Joe and Cecile were in fact pregnant this is certainly an idea in a storyline that I was not the biggest fan of whatsoever I mean even Joe who winds up mentioning that he's almost 50 years old on this show that's pretty old for them to wind up having a kid and I didn't exactly know how the writers were gonna be delaying the whole Joe and Cecile thing it just seems really out of place like more baby drama that they certainly have to deal with but I'm gonna be cautious about this storyline and kind of see how things go a little bit further because really I mean we saw in this episode that Joe is scared to death to wind up having another kid it seems as though he's really worried about having a raisin at such an early age did you know diaper changes feeding you know not as much sleep as he should certainly should be getting.

I mean raising a child is certainly hard in his definitely life changing and it seems as though you know Joe's biggest worry was having to kind of do this alone and in the back of my mind the only thing that I kept saying is man I really wish that Joe would have somebody in his life that would do what he does for other people as far as reassuring them that it's gonna be okay um and then just as soon as I thought that and said that to myself here comes Barry you know trying to do his best to reassure Joe that he's not alone this time around right like he has the seal not only does he have to seal but he has fantastic friends and family that is gonna be there to help support him so I wouldn't be surprised if at some particular point in time you get an iris and a Barry babysitting duty or whatever the case may be maybe even a Cisco sort of babysitting duty maybe Harrison wells at some particular point in time I mean this child is definitely gonna be brought up around a lot of strange things in his life but you know what I love the idea that there was at least some reassurance given to Joe that regardless of how scared he and Cecile certainly are in regards to having this baby you know it definitely at the end of the day is gonna be okay.

I will be interested to see if they actually allow them to have a kid because simply because of the fact that it that I feel like creatively as a story writer that would just be so difficult to try and implement another child especially a baby onto the set of filming sort of things so considering the age that these two characters are maybe and I don't want to wish this upon anybody but maybe a miscarriage maybe something kind of diverts that from happening or we could see Joe almost at the age of fifty holding a toddler at some particular point in time it'll be really interesting needless to say but that's the storyline that we potentially have when it comes to Joe not my favorite storyline but we'll pump the brakes and just kind of see how it winds up developing but I'm really curious to know what you guys think about this particular storyline as well I'm speaking of Joe as well as Cecile as you if you recall at the strip club it looks like he wind up bumping into Cecile's daughter who surprisingly is in fact a stripper I don't think she's gonna be quitting her her job anytime soon even though she is apparently writing some sort of book in regards to feminism who knows it'll be interesting to see if she winds up telling Cecile or if she decides to maybe not continue to go on with it later on down the road but who knows just a really interesting just really awkward revelation for Joe in this week's episode I mean the whole strip club in barstein was just hilarious all episode long those particular scenes just really made this whole entire episode for me quite frankly and as far as honorable mentions go in here I have to give a quick shout out to the metahuman in this week's episode that just got abused that was just chained up.

I long but probably has the coolest metahuman power I've even seen on this show before the idea that this guy cries tears and his tears are almost like a love drug in a sense that kind of gives you this euphoria over your body I'm assuming I think that is just a really cool just ability to have regardless if he has any control over it or not the fact that that ends up being his metahuman power I think that's pretty cool at the end of the day quite frankly and it seems as though this metahuman has yet another connection to the thinker it seems as though this is continuing to be part of the thinker's plan.

I just knew it was just a matter of time before this guy wind up popping up I mean we've had like four or five episodes in a row already that we've kind of seen the thinker we've kind of our understanding that that at least the past four metahumans are all part of this plot maybe this particular guy was also on the bus at the time when very allen wind up coming back from the Speed Force and that's what I'm certainly gonna assume but we'll definitely have to continue to learn more about that as well as the season progresses but overall again hilarious episode not a lot of impactful moments but really great character development for Kaitlyn as well a little bit of Joe here and let's get ready for a Barry and iris wedding guys is right around the corner and not only that but we're also gonna be getting the crisis on Earth X here within a couple of weeks guys so certainly let me know what you guys thought about this particular week's episode comment below at the bottom guys and until next time guys I'll see you in a flash bye

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