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Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 Trailer Breakdown! - Meet the Elongated Man!

Hey guys what is up it is me nitin here once again with another video on the flash season 4 and this is gonna be my trailer breakdown for episode 6 otherwise entitled When Harry Met Harry but obviously before we get into the rest of the video let's actually watch the trailer

No flash which does mean we're going to be catching up this episode with hopefully a lot of Flash action but it was a decent episode last well yesterday I guess from in this video go up with some killer frost stuff and yeah I thought it was decent I'm excited to see what they do with that killer frost stuff most likely in the back half of the season I'm not too sure we'll see too much of it in this like the rest of this opening half of this season four of the flash.

Now obviously before we get into the breakdown of the actual trailer we'll quickly go over the synopsis which as we know does give us a decent amount of more information than what's actually supplied in the trailers so we'll go over that but be sure to let me know in the comment section down below what you're thinking of this trailer and even some stuff from the synopsis like this episode in general what are you thinking and of course be sure to drop a like on the video if you're going to enjoy it.

When collectors of Native American artifacts are attacked by a meta named Mina Chayton who can be bring inanimate objects to life bury turns to a surprising ally for help determined to crack the identity of the thinker Harry and Liz Cisco's helped to summon the ultimate think-tank the Council of wells a round table of the brightest Harrison wells errs from various earths.

Now just a couple of things to quickly point out from the synopsis obviously that surprising alloy that barriers help you are choosing to help is Ralph Dabney aka the future elongated man but the thing that is the most interesting thing from that synopsis and that isn't in the trailer is definitely the cancel of Wells holy crap or I'm looking forward to that so much because we're gonna meet hopefully some more versions of Harrison wells from the multiverse at wall also meeting maybe one or two of the other ones love your mark me like Hills wells mine wells and was it steam punk Wells those were the three we met last season when they were trying to find that new Harrison wells which ended up being HR wells I'm saying Wells way too much in this article but hopefully we understand why now will be interesting to see if they do crack the identity of the thinker in this episode or maybe they leave it till episode 7 and then that could be like the kicking off point but I think they might figure out this episode and it could be like one of the cliffhanger things we have to wait and see but I'm just looking forward to seeing that big round table of Harrison wells is I think it's just going to be hilarious and boy it's a take on the Council of reeds like Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four and then also the probably the more commonly known one is the council of ricks from Rick and Morty I think they might make some Rick and Morty references in this episode just because if you're cisco just seems like a dude who would like chill and want to Rick and Morty all the time so I'm expecting a couple of or maybe at least one Rick and Morty reference.

So we start off the trailer by actually seeing Barry sort of like training Ralph you know in the streets like I guess if the opportunity arises you know let Ralph use his abilities now correct me if I'm wrong I might be wrong but this dude looks extremely similar is that the same mugger or robber from Season one that tried to mug Barry I think it was in episode 2 I want to say one of the early episodes and it was when like Barry got like really excited was like all your choosing me to rob you choosing me like how good and then he uses these flash abilities to basically stuff that that rubber up so I think this is the same dude or they've got someone that looks extremely similar but let me know in the comments section down below if I'm right if that's like the same dude because if it is like that's awesome.

Now we do get Ralph's super suit if you want to call it that it doesn't look very super it looks a bit tight and very basic and I've seen so many people naming the hell out of this and I even posted a picture on Twitter about it and people are just going like what the hell what does the CW doing like people are freaking out about it and what people need to realize is this is basically like a prototype or like a proto suit and essentially what this would be doing is like Cisco's basically tasting the material I can Ralph's go out and stretch in this material doesn't get ruined or can like you know Rafkin oozes abilities while wearing this suit like this suit can handle raus abilities that's what basically this suit is for it's testing that it's basically like Barry's suit from the pilot remember when they're on the runway and they're testing Barry's abilities and it's got that spandex on the weird birds the weird helmet it's essentially like that they're just testing certain abilities and stuff like that and learning more about roust abilities before they make him a full on proper super suit which we could get at the end of this episode or they could leave for a couple of episodes to come like that.

But in regards to this suit one cool thing that a lot of people might have overlooked it definitely caught my eye as as soon as like they held it up the suit squishes down so it can expand and obviously like compress a lot now the first thing I thought when I saw this was wow they could do that to the flash suit like if Cisco's figuring out this like science and stuff like that why kind of use it to the flash suit use it for the flash suit sorry and then possibly put it in a ring and then maybe call that ring a flash ring maybe they could do that so I don't know if I was the only one that saw that but as soon as I saw that I was like oh please just go get in your lab and just work on that please for crying out loud just do that.

Now we see this dinosaur is alive a Tyrannosaurus Rex if I saw that I think I would need a new pair of pants and Underpants as well but it was I the only one thinking night in the museum when this popped up I don't think I would be but yeah I was thinking that now because it does seem like a lot of this like this probably the big action seeing this episode is in a museum and that the villain for this episode can bring inanimate objects to life I'm expecting a lot of awesome stuff to happen so we're getting a dinosaur come alive I know there was a trailer that came out about a month and a half ago or something that had like a mummy you know like an Egyptian mummy like sort of grabbing bury a lot of people thought that might have been the Halloween episode unfortunately it wasn't but obviously means that it's in this episode because it would be in a museum where this villain can bring inanimate objects to life.

Now for those wondering the villain is made of Chasen as the synopsis does say that that is this girl here who was actually on the metahuman bus so now at this point after this episode we would have met everyone that we saw on the metahuman bus so there is still what like a six I think people that are still left to be revealed which I'm assuming they'll leave for the back half of the season but yeah for those wondering like oh when are we gonna meet that other girl because we met that dude in episode well last episode he was like the the weeper I think that's what his character's name was so we now after this episode we'll have finally met everyone that we saw on that bus she's the final girl and I guess it is good advice from Cisco to Ralph to not you know not fight crime naked it's just not a very good idea but it's something Ralph would do and saying that he's the unlock elongated man he can stretch I'm sure he would make himself a bit of a proud man wouldn't he I think he would

But thanks for reading guys hopefully you enjoyed the article sorry that breakdown wasn't a bit too longer there wasn't too much to break down from this trailer was pretty straightforward if the council of world stuff was in the trailer then we might have talked about that for a bit more but unfortunately we just got some ralph and barry action which I don't I'm not complaining about that because I'm actually looking forward to seeing that in this episode and I am liking their dynamic at the current moment in this season be as I said make sure to share the article if you did enjoy it be sure let me know in the comments section down below what you're thinking of all of this stuff from the trail what are you looking forward to the most what gets you excited. I'll catch you later guys and good bye.

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